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Our Value Added Services

Along with our primary objective of helping students make their dream of foreign education come true, we offer a range of value added services too. Our ultimate aim is to make the processes as smooth and fast as possible for you and in doing so, here is a list of the value added services we offer:

Briefing Prior to the Departure

Most students are elated with having got the opportunity to pursue a course of their choice in a foreign university. However, the real struggle starts when they land up in an alien land with unknown faces around. Basically, you need to prepare yourself mentally to pass through the initial adaption and adjustment period with ease. So, our professional experts conduct interactive sessions through which they share qualitative thoughts and inputs. We share knowledge based on real experiences, which prepare you even better for the upcoming future and prevent uncalled for situations from arising at any point of time.

Our interactive sessions do not just revolve around formal laws and procedures of studying abroad but extends beyond that to include lessons on adaptability, which is extremely important while living and studying abroad. As a part of these briefing sessions prior to your departure, you can feel more confident about deriving the best out of the situation and environment that confronts you. We also interact with the parents and help them deal with the anxiety and doubtfulness around sending their children far away. We try to make the upcoming journey of the student as welcome as possible.

Accommodation Related Support

Accommodation is one of the most important factors determining how well you settle down abroad. And nothing could be better if you can partially or fully arrange an accommodation in the country right before leaving for the same. Well, with our assistance, this can be made possible. We have a vast network of connections, utilizing which we can give you a prospective list of accommodation both on and off the campus of your university. Accordingly, you can contact the vendors and engage in a communication with them to get some idea about the suitability of this accommodation. Once you reach your destination, you can check out the accommodations and decide eventually.

Medical and Travel Insurance

Travel and medical insurance is a demanding and attention-seeking aspect of your upcoming journey to a foreign land though it is often ignored by students. Different countries have different regulations with respect to travel and medical insurance for international students and these have to be abided by in the most desirable manner. We have counsellors and insurance service providers who can thoroughly guide you with all the required documentation and everything else while you concentrate on the other important areas.

Foreign Exchange

Having the currency of the country you are going to be living in is of course, important. But with our value added services by your side, you are not required to go anywhere or check the exchange rates. We offer foreign exchange services and come up with some of the most competitive exchange rates for you. Simultaneously, we help you fulfil the other foreign exchange requirements too.

Telecom Services

Communication is an important part of our daily life and more so, when you are in a foreign land, thousand miles away from your friends and family. Staying connected is no longer difficult owing to the global communication trends and networks that have reached heights. We leverage these facilities and provide you with affordable ways of communication with the people back home. We are aware of your budget and hence, focus on promising you with a solution that best suits your needs as well as your finances. We can provide you with SIM cards of most countries and having them beforehand ensures that you can connect with your family right from the time you reach the new country.

So, all these happen to be our value added services and they are designed carefully with the requirements of the students in mind.