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University Selection

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to make your dream come true. Leaving home to attend a school abroad is a big step. This may appear to be a long-drawn process; but, it can be simplified by making well-informed decisions and following the right path. Choosing the right University is the foremost of all. Though most of you might already know what you want, there are still some young inquisitive minds searching for an answer. Here are some tips to follow while selecting a University.

Think about your personal and Career Goals

Your dream is big, bring it to the reality. Identify your aim, prioritize your goals. Decide and make a chart of your career as well as personal goals. This information will create a path for choosing the right University. Define realistic career goals, and match it with your personal interest, skills and your needs. Create realistic time frame and work for it. This way you can identify your field of interest. Always use this career plan at the time of need.

Select desired course

Identifying your career goals will help you decide the field of your interest. Deciding the course is the first yet important step in the process. There are innumerable numbers of course available in every field, in this education market. Once you have the clarity of the field of your choice, you can stream line the courses offered in your field worldwide. There many interesting choices available. There many interdisciplinary programs, both in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, or even specializations that may surprise you.

Chances are that you already have place of your choice in mind. Even if you haven’t decided, get the help of the Google. Check for anything and everything about the course you need. Take time and search for the Universities that offer the course, the countries, and the cities, research on the study program methods and types.

Once you have narrowed down some ten or twenty Universities. Here, start again, exploring the country, University, facilities, transportation, lifestyle, weather and most importantly the living cost.

Here are some suggestions of the countries and the popular disciplines offered.

  • France is popular for Finance courses
  • Economics is best in Germany
  • People choose to learn Marketing from Spain, and
  • Health Science from US

Check for Course value

At this point you would have narrowed down the colleges to less than 10. Now it is time to find which University offers the course of your choice the best. It is important to choose the University based on its ranking, but, a smarter way is to identify the institute that values the specific course. For instance, some Universities might have excellent departments for specific courses but they may not be on the top rank, this way you may miss the chance to enroll in that Institute. Always choose the Institute based on the course value and content rather than its reputation.

It is an immense task to taper down the colleges based on all of these criteria. If, it is overwhelming, you can always seek the help of a professional counselor at any point. With extensive knowledge about the global educational market, they will be able to guide you successfully through the process.

Find the affordability

In this stage you might have less than five colleges in hand. Here comes the point where you need to consider the colleges on the basis of cost variables. The cost can always be a deal breaker. Pay attention on overall price of your study, and not just the tuition fee. The overall price includes tuition fee, book fee, hostel fee, and other living expenses. You can also research on the countries norms in allowing the foreign students to work part-time.

Ask your seniors

If you still have some doubts about experimenting on an unknown country, you can ask the International students who have been in a similar position previously. You can also seek their help in determining the factors like challenges, misconceptions; cultural shocks etc. There are many forums online to support fresh students seeking education abroad. Here, you can find lot of specific tips and advices.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes, choosing the right course can be an overwhelming process. A proper guidance from an experienced counselor can make it easier. So, don’t hesitate to seek help from the admission counselors, they can shortlist the best Universities that well suits the course of your choice, with the help of your profile. You can then determine the pros and cons of the shortlisted Universities with the counselor and with your family and friends, before making the decision.

Have a fallback option

Though it is not a good idea to apply for too many Universities, it is better to have few fallbacks. Most students make the mistake of committing to their dream University.

Sometimes, these Universities might have high entry requirements. Whether you are capable to qualify or not, it is better to create a balance by applying to few other Universities on your list as a fallback option.


Think about where your high school friends are going – Your friends from school might get along well with you, but, you cannot expect them to have the same choices and preferences you have. With the level of maturity to choose to study abroad, you should be able to develop the skill of understanding new cultural perspective, meeting new people and embracing your own experience.

Reading myths on the Internet – Even though the internet is the best mode to assist you in taking a well-informed decision, there are also some flaws to it. There are plenty of unnecessary and false information available online. You must confirm the information available online more than once, before concluding. Admission Counselors can also help you clear the doubts.

Applying for too many Universities – The one first rule to successfully pursue higher studies abroad is to avoid applying to too many Universities. This may disturb your attention, and cost a lot for applications; in turn you cannot provide your best efforts in any.


Though a tedious task, when taken through a well-defined process will make it easier. And, with appropriate guidance from experienced professionals, this life changing task will turn effortless.