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Our Psychometric Assessment Services

Several students dream of finding themselves in a foreign university pursuing a course of study that they have always wanted to enrol for. Now, only a handful of them emerge successful in their attempt. This is because your chances of success in your career path are largely determined by your choice of the career as well as your abilities to sustain and keep nourishing your passion throughout. For all this, it is important that you do not just dream big but prepare yourself accordingly and make sure that you are on the right track. Our psychometric assessment services are precisely a way of helping you do that.

What is a Psychometric Assessment?

A Psychometric Assessment is a tool, which we use to analyze the Nature and the Intelligence quotient of a student. The ultimate aim is to arrive at a personality matrix and based on this matrix, we help students to decide on which career path would suit them the best and more importantly, make their chances of success very high. The assessment intends to find you a course that does justice to your passion and keeps you satisfied at the same time.

How Is It Conducted?

In a standard, psychometric assessment test, we ask students to answer 76 questions in a time span of 30 minutes. The questions are framed in a way to evoke answers that give a good perception of your actual behaviour, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. The test further delves into the other aspects of your nature like whether you can deal with stress, socialize with people easily, driven by competition and deadlines and so on. Comparisons are also made with other students to help you identify your issues and strategize your actions to overcome them.

How Can We Help?

We conduct the psychometric assessment tests to guide you better on your path to education and future. The results of the assessments give you an idea of the areas you need to work upon. And our consultants take it up from there to assess the different types of your abilities like numeric, verbal, spatial, reasoning and so on. The psychometric tests are conducted for students below the age of 18 years and are designed in the multiple choice format. The main intelligences include Bodily, Interpersonal, Logical, Linguistic, Visual, Musical, Intrapersonal and Naturalistic. The types of natures that we derive at with the tests, on the other hand, include Protective, Educative, Administrative, Creative, Healing, Entertaining, Providing, Entrepreneurial and Adventurous. Last but not the least, a percentage is assigned to each of the intelligence and nature to derive an average, which is used to make conclusions and take actions accordingly.