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Career Counseling

Most Indian students pursue higher education abroad with a goal to set their career path in the host nation. Seeking a career in a foreign nation is a challenge, but it comes with its own benefits. The quality of life and the lifestyle benefits offered in the country will always outweigh the comfort of living in your motherland.

There is a plethora of opportunity available, not only in the corporate world but also in every other profession known to the man-kind. For instance, countries like France and Italy encourage career growth in non-science fields like fine and liberal arts.

Most developed countries own a set of specialized industries that contributes to their economy. For example, Automobile industries are one of the key pillars of German economy, while manufacturing is the key asset for the Chinese economic growth. These industries open up plenty of opportunities for skilled employees worldwide. Thus, it is important for a person to set a clear career path by analyzing the current global market and the mobility options before setting a goal.

Proper guidance for career development can make a difference. There are career counseling experts with profound knowledge in world employment market and labor trends, which can help sharpen your skill set and move up the career ladder.

Importance of Careers Counseling

The career counseling experts offer a series of services related to career exploration, personal career development, change in career, and profession related issues. Young adults who are seeking to explore career options around the world can best benefit from the experience of an expert counselor. Here are some of the services offered in the career counseling process.

Career counseling sessions aim at creating awareness about the career options available and also to map them to the individual’s capabilities.

They offer advice in the following aspects:

  • About the educational options available to pursue the career of your choice
  • The career plan – the stepwise suggestions for the goals
  • The opportunities and the competition of today’s world and also for tomorrow
  • Assistance to resolve career issues and bridge the gaps

The solutions are usually documented and presented to the person for further use, at any time. An expert counselor will allow the student to express their queries and concerns and will address them instead of luring them to a particular course. An expert counsellor will also assist the student while allowing them to make the decision.

Profile Analysis

Profile analysis is the process of analyzing one’s career and personal profile from various perspectives and criteria. With the help of the report, the counselor can understand the aspirant’s interest areas, personal abilities and reasoning capabilities, all of which play a major role in determining the person’s career growth. On completion of the assessment, a report will be presented to the person, which enables to analyze all the dimension of the career choices and help to make the right decision. The counselor with the help of this assessment will be able to map the right career that matches your personal and academic profile.

Career Objective Analysis

The first step in creating a career path is simple. Just, know what you need and where you should go. In complex terms, identify your career objectives and set the goals before taking the first step.

For young students who seek admission in foreign University, an analysis on the career objective will help identify the right course, University and the Country. Setting career objective that best meets your academic, professional and personal profile will make the way to your destination easy. The expert counselors will assist to understand your career objectives and help bridge them with your capabilities.

The counselor can also assist with preparing a resume that presents all your skills to the employer, crisp and clear.

Global Mobility Analysis

With Global mobility on the rise, every employee expects the employer to get their passports stamped. Though the employees are willing to travel abroad, “Are they well-equipped for the travel?” is the question of this hour. There are several aspects to consider before making the leap.

  • The exact reason for relocation
  • Understanding the prospects of the host country
  • Managing language and cultural differences
  • Understanding your benefits and rights in the host country

The expert counselors provide best guidance in all the mentioned aspects and can recommend solutions to increase your employability and global mobility.

Employability SWOT Analysis

Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) a reliable way to analyze one’s employability chances. In this fast growing world, the competition between companies increases. And, the company expects their employees to have a set of employability skills, beyond just a basic education. To make ourselves more competent in the future employment market, there is a need to understand the expected skill in the organization, and prepare a self- employability SWOT analysis. With the analyzed report one can identify the gaps in the skill set, make an action plan and improve ourselves.

Guidance through this entire process with an expert who has a definite knowledge about the action plans and how to address the gaps will make it more efficient and easier.

Migration Options

Choosing your desired destination is a tough call. It is important to analyze, the employment market in the country; the growth of the specific industry of your choice; the immigration process of the country; your personal, professional and academic profile, before making a choice.

Understanding the immigration process, like the criteria for acceptance, the validity of the visa, and the rights and benefits provided to the foreign national in the host country is important to survive in a new nation. The expert counselors will assist you to make the well-informed decision and will provide a clear guidance on the countries immigration procedures.


This being said, there is a question to where you can find a best counselor.

There are many career development agencies in every nook and cranny of the country, they promise to offer best jobs related to your field of study, but they may not be the right professional counselors. The professional counselor should be a well-experienced expert in career advice and should possess the professional credentials needed to offer the life-changing advice. Moreover, they should have an in-depth knowledge about the world employment market. The advice offered by these experts will help make the right decision in your life.