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Best Canada Study Program Consultants In India

Canada is one of the best study destinations in the world.We will discuss why Canada becomes so popular among the students who belong to any country and any stream of education. For a student, few things are very important when they plan to study abroad and they are education environment of the particular college or university, the education system of that particular country, facilities that are offered to the students in terms of fee, visa program, living cost, competitive environment and so on. In this blog, we will be focusing on the entire process of Student visa for Canada and how to apply for that. We are Aspire Shiksha based in New Delhi and we are one of the Top Canada Education Consultants.

To Study in Canada, the first thing you will need to get a Canadian student visa, for the duration of your stay whiles your study. it may be a good idea to apply for a Canadian study permit before you come to Canada through a visa office. Which you do by yourself or can get assistance from any consultant nearby you. You can contact us at Aspire Shiksha our website is we are the leading Canada Study Consultancy in India. As per the new update from Canada, there is a new visa program launched for foreign students who want to study in Canada the program name is Student Direct Stream (SDS). With the effect of SDS program the universities and colleges which are registered with DLI number they come under this program which will increase the entire process of applying visa for study in Canada.

There are certain benchmarks of SDS visa program such as the applicant have to be score above 6 bands in IELTS exam and this is applicable for any Graduate or Undergraduate student and under this program, this is also confirmed that SDS Program will be financed with the Scotia bank one of the leading banks in Canada. Apart from this there is one more benefit for the student will be offered by the Scotia bank and that is the Scotia bank will help the student to buy the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) worth of CAD $10000 with this funding student will be able to cover his or her 1 year expenses for their study program in Canada and which will help the students to take care of the requirement of SDS program. For more information about SDS program, you may contact to us and our experts will be happy to assist you with the same and make sure that you get all the clarifications required understanding about the SDS visa program.

Now when you must have selected the study program in which you will be taking your admission for further study the very important next step will be to select the college where you will perusing your study and by any chance if you are still not sure where and which college or institution you will study in Canada you will must have decide before you can start the student visa application process. Once you will be accepted at any Canadian University or college you will get an acceptance letter this letter will be required for your visa application.

Now we will discuss how to apply for Student Visa for Canada. Once you got the acceptance letter from the university, your next step will be to apply for a student visa. For that, you will be going through these steps. You can apply online as well as through paper visa application as well for your Canadian student visa, for an online application you may visit the portal available on the internet is known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). You will be asked to provide an acceptance letter from a university recognized by the Canadian government. You have to submit the proof of sufficient financial resources which will be supporting you for your education fee and living as well. There may be some more documents required depends on your qualification and stream you are going to study there.

For more help, you should contact any Best Canada Study Programs Consultants because of this their job to help and guide the students in their entire process of applying for a visa. They do charge something for their services but they will make your job a lot easier for you. They understand the process and they have some contacts in Canada also from there they assistance as well. If you are in Delhi you can contact us at Aspire Shiksha we are one of the top Canada Education Consultants in Delhi. We have helped a number of students finding their dream colleges in various countries. Our experts they all have very good experience in student visa processing.

If you are all set and prepared with your application and have any doubt you can contact us our experts can start reviewing your application right away. Our Experts is available all the time to help and guide the student our team of certified experienced study visa and tourist visa consultants they prepare all your file for applications on your behalf you have to be with them if they ask for any particular document which is required in your visa application. We have a tremendous track record in Canada Study Consultancy in India, with our services which we offer to our every clients and student from all across India.

Publish: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 04:56 PM