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Accommodation & Departure

Accommodation is a major concern for students studying abroad as most want a location close to the university. Safety is also another important factor for choosing accommodation for foreign students. While choosing apartments, you must ensure to check for neighborhood safety and affordability. There is no point in risking your safety to save money. Ideally, choose a location that is close to your university so that you can avoid spending time and money on commuting to the university daily.

Types of Accommodation

You must decide whether you need an on-campus or an off-campus accommodation, being a stranger in a new country, an on-campus accommodation is a great choice for you. Most mid to large education institutions in developed nations make it compulsory for on-campus accommodation for international students during their first year of study. The most popular on-campus options are shared rooms but if you are confident enough or need more privacy, then you can opt for private accommodation and house-sharing. Home stay is a popular option as well in many countries taking in foreign students these days. It is an exciting experience to stay with a friendly and loving host family as you will learn so much about the foreign culture and language too which will make your stay much easier. But, if you choose your home stay without ample research, things can become difficult for you.


Location is a very important aspect to consider when choosing an accommodation as a foreign student. You must try to find a housing facility near the university where you are going to study and the local amenities should also be near it, with access to public transport facilities, and low crime rates.

Alone or Shared?

If you are someone who likes your own space or would plan to share a private rented accommodation with friends, then move in with people you know and get along with well. It is important to be clear with your roommates about what you like and what you don’t. So make yourself crystal clear to your friends about what is acceptable and what is not and you can then all live happily and comfortably with each other. Focus on your studies and be happy even though you are miles away from home.


While selecting the room or house to stay, be aware of the budget you are on. Do not go overboard and select a grand place to stay when you cannot afford it. If you cannot afford to rent an apartment or separate accommodation, then it is always better to stay in the hostel of the university or share an apartment with friends.

Your Habits

While making a choice to rent an apartment, make sure that your habits don’t annoy or put off your friends. Bad habits like staying up late, partying a lot, loud talking, smoking etc., should be avoided when staying in a rented apartment with friends.

Departure and Arrival

So now the time has come for you to leave your beloved parents and your country to travel abroad for your further studies. As soon as you arrive in the new country, you will need to register yourself with the internal affairs ministry within 24 to 48 hours. By doing your registration it will help you to legalize your stay in that country and also benefit in you in getting temporary residency there and also no one will interfere with you as long as you stay there. However, there are different rules for different countries which you will have to understand them well.

The next thing for you to do is registration at the Indian embassy there. It is of great value because here you will find Indians and you can communicate with them freely as to any queries you might have or how to get about in this new country and it will also help to reduce the feeling of homesickness. Keep some of their numbers with you, so that in case you’re stuck somewhere you can ask for their help. In addition, they organize a variety of programs related to Indian culture which can be a source of entertainment for you.

Bank account

It is better to open a new bank account in the country you are studying as this will allow you to pay all your bills and keep your money safe in a new country. You will need to provide a passport, proof of residence and student proof.

International calling

Living far away from your country, it is bound that you will surely miss your family and would want to make frequent calls to India. You may wonder if your current phone will work in this new country, well the answer is yes. But, you will have to take a new sim card and activate an international calling pack for calling India at a cheap rate. You can also use Skype or Viber from your smartphone/ laptop/ computer through which you can have free calling and video chatting at no cost. You can also use social media like WhatsApp or Facebook for video chatting. Nowadays there are many options to stay connected to your loved ones without spending a bomb.

Tips to be well informed

Before moving to a new country, you must research well and do some surfing online as well to get all the relevant information and resources about that particular university and country too. If you know anyone who has been an alumni of that college or university then try and meet the person to get first-hand information about that university and also on the country. You can contact university personnel for the information regarding your stay and course studies as well. You should have information about the currency exchange rate and carry enough amount of money with you until you find an ATM or open bank account. You can carry international debit cards with you which you can use anywhere in the world and these cards are easily available at any nationalized bank in India.