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Latest Student visa Rules for Canada-Study direct stream (SDS) program For India

A very good news came from Canada for the student of India which is the Student Direct Stream (SDS) has been launched by Canada. We will discuss how The Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program for the Indian students and it is launched to increase the processing of study visa and which will facilitate the students under SDS with enhanced options of colleges and courses available in Canada. As per the guideline it is confirmed that SDS Program will be opened with the Scotia bank, which is one of the popular bank in Canada. One more benefit for the student will be offered by the Scotia bank and that is the bank will help the student to buy the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) worth of CAD $10000 with this funding student will be able to cover his or her 1 year expenses which will fulfil the requirement of SDS program.

After SDS program implementations, all colleges and Institutions in Canada which is registered with DLI number they all are now under the program. This will now improve the process of Study Visa application process for the Indian students who want to study in Canada. Even though with limited seats viability and because of less seats there are many students who could not make it to get their admission in Canada. Interestingly with these limited seats the numbers of study visa applicants for Canada is increasing year by year. In total applicants maximum students from India wants to study under SPP program and the number of colleges under SPP is just 47 with very limited seats for foreign students. The main motto of launching the SDS program to offer the best study environment to the all qualified students. The added advantage is with this program the time of visa application processing will be improved too.

Change of study visa rules under SDS

With the SDS visa program the main change is that the numbers of IELTS band score will be increasing from 5.5 each to 6.0 each for both postgraduate and Undergraduate courses.

Many times it has been witnessed that the student who cleared the IELTS and applied under SPP colleges which received applications more than the seats they have and it was normal.

Due to the increasing applications the processing time period for generating the offer letter has been increased too usually it takes 2 weeks but now it is to taking 7 to 8 weeks.

SDS visa program has improved the education system in Canada and that let the visa processing very smooth too. In Canada now most of the colleges and institutions which is registered with DLI are under the SDS program and there is no doubt with this program the Indian students will be getting more advantages.

Since we have discussed how this program will benefit to the Students particularly Indian students now we will be discussing how these Features and Rules of SDS program for India and Indian Students.

With the new rules, SDS program will be having some special conditions and rules for the Indian Students which are as follows:

  • After implementation of this program the minimum requirement of IELTS band is 6 in each module.
  • It is mandatory to have candid medical examination at least before 1 week of the application submission.
  • SDS program is launched with the cooperation with Scotia bank.
  • Study direct streamline has scaled up the process of study visa for Indian Students.
  • the students must show A minimum of 1-year payment receipt worth of CAD $1000 of the tuition fees.
  • Hassle free and Less Documentation process is required under the SDS program.
  • SDS program of CIC will be acting as an alternative option of SPP in India for the students.

SDS Visa Processing & Requirements for Indian Students

Govt of Canada have made some changes in the requirements and visa processing under the SDS program.

For Indian Students the SDS visa Processing will required:

  • 1. For UG & PG courses the minimum score of IELTS for SDS visa have to be 6 band in every module.
  • 2. Under SDS program the tuition fee for the first year must be paid in an advance .
  • 3. The College and Institutions where the student will apply with must have a registered DLI number.
  • 4. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)  of $10000 will be compulsory to buy in advance..

Documents Required from students for SDS visa application

Students must include these documents with their application:

  • 1. Copy of your acceptance from your specific learning institution
  • 2. Copy of your upfront medical exam confirmation.
  • 3. Proof of Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10,000
  • 4. Proof of tuition fees for the first year of study

More about SDS visa program

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Advantages of Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program

  • SDS program will make the study visa processing for the colleges in Canada very smooth.
  • No complicated documentation required.
  • Faster visa processing time than never before.

John Holmes Ambassador of Canada he mentioned:

“There are many advantages to studying in Canada, including world-class institutions, lower costs and a safe and healthy environment for students”.

If you are all set and prepared with your application you can contact to us our experts can start reviewing your application right away.

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