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Study Programs in France

With the improvement in the quality of global education and the increasing options, more and more students are opting for foreign university degrees. If you are one among them, it is imperative that you make an informed decision that pays off in the future. Choosing the right country, the right university and of course, the right course combines all together to make your study abroad venture successful. As far as the first choice of country is concerned, France happens to be one of the well-known hubs of global education. So, let’s look into the details of why to study in France can be your ideal study destination along with the costs, requirements and so on.

Why Choose Study In France?

Traditionally recognized as a country that values beauty, culture and heritage, France has a macro environment that prepares students to face the corporate world in the most desirable way. Over the years, the country has produced some of the most reputed researchers in various fields, scientists, mathematicians and engineers owing to the excellent France study programs. This, of course, points to the quality of the education that it facilitates. Research is given utmost emphasis so much so that the country allocates considerable funds for long-term objectives. Another factor that makes France an excellent study abroad destination is its faculty. The faculty comprises some of the best professionals in each field and this is true for a majority of the universities and institutes in France.

What are the Top Universities in France?

France is home to some of the highest ranking universities in the world. As for some quick stats, 20 universities in France come among the top 500 universities in the world and 4 among them feature in the list of World’s top 100 universities. The quality of the education offered by various courses in these universities is therefore, unquestionable. Here is a list of the prominent ones, which you must consider with the help of the France study consultancy services:

  • University of Paris
  • University of Strasbourg
  • Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris
  • Ecole Polytechnique
  • Pierre and Marie Curie University
  • Le Cordon Bleu (LCB)
  • PassWorld France

What are the Popular Courses & Scholarship Opportunities in France?

France Study Programs

As quite obvious, the study options in France are varied too. The popular courses include Economics, Pharmacology, Business, Sociology and Linguistics. However, the modern format of education is also designed in mind the requirements of good resources in the knowledge intensive emerging sectors in France. These are Banking, Tourism, Energy, Transport, Telecommunications and Health.

The French government as well as the individual universities and institutes offer a number of scholarship programs. We can guide you in choosing and applying for the right program. Major application intakes happen from the month of February to July. The application procedure should ideally start 8-12 months before the intakes begin. The deadlines, however, vary depending on the institute you choose and we, as a France educational consultant company, can guide you in the matter.

What is the Average Cost of Studying in France?

France is the gateway to Europe and the education costs are calculated in €. The rates for the basic degree programs vary around €190 for the license programs, €500 for engineering in public schools and €270 for the Masters programmes, €400 for Doctoral programmes and €620 for programs leading to the diploma d’ingenieur. As for accommodation, living in towns is more cost-effective than living in cities. Overall, the cost of private accommodation in town would be around €300 to €700 per month. The costs of university residence halls are lower, which is around €150 per month.

What are the Admission Requirements and How We Help?

Getting enrolled in a French university requires you to follow certain rules and regulations. The process can be a lengthy one with detailed documentation. Our intention is to make sure that every student is able to fulfil his/her dream of receiving the highest quality foreign education. In doing so, we guide you throughout each step of the admission procedure, right from analyzing your profile to the time you are all set to leave for the new country. Here is a list of how all these are executed in a step-by-step manner by our team of France study consultants:

  • The first step involves registering with us so that we start offering you with the best-quality and trusted assistance
  • We do profiling for you based on your qualifications, experience, financial status, strengths, weaknesses, academic goals and so on to find your suitability to the course/university of your choice
  • We advise you on the standard tests that you need to take and make further assessments based on the results of these tests
  • Thereafter, we provide with some shortlisted courses and universities that we think, would be perfect for your profile
  • We check and review and if necessary, edit all your documents to ensure that there is no scope of rejection etc. once submitted
  • After the review and submission of your final application, we prepare you for the interviews through mock sessions and interactive classes
  • Visa being an important part, we make sure that you are all prepared to face the visa interview with the Embassy or High Commission and come out successful at one go
  • We conduct pre-departure information session with the students and their parents too, to make sure that they don’t face any problem or encounter an uncalled for situation in a foreign land.

Simultaneously, the documents required in the process of admission (with slight variations depending on the university/course) are as follows:

  • Attested copies of X, XII & Graduate Degree (if applicable), Mark Sheets including Backlogs (Re-sits)
  • Evidence of English Language proficiency e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Standardised Tests e.g. GMAT, GRE (where necessary for the programme)
  • Two academic references
  • Two references from employers (where applicable)
  • Passport sized photographs
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Resume/CV
  • Draft for application fees, if applicable
  • Portfolio (for Art, Design & Architecture programme)
  • Other Certificates & Achievements of Extracurricular Activities

We, as a team of experienced France education consultants, are ever willing to help you fulfil your academic and career goals. With our vast network in the field, we can offer you with nothing short of the best. Contact us for more information.

France Study Programs